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We Simply Love What We Do The Best !

The staff at Chez Papa is a skilled team of individuals trained to keep a friendly and welcoming approach. We intend to maintain a healthy and positive relationship with our customers. We have taught our team to be good listeners because only a good listener can be a good adviser, right?

 Our kitchen doors open to a team of enthusiastic chefs preparing mouth-watering bite-sized wonders you will never forget. We specialize in a variety of appetizers that will mesmerize your taste buds.Wondering what’s on our menu? Click here.

what we do

We Ready To Serve Perfectly

Our Tapas are the classic combination of olives and meat with a blend of savory spices. Our chefs are constantly creating modern versions of Tapas with their innovative recipes.

You are bound to toast to our toast because it is grilled to perfection. And sandwiches can never be as full of flavors as those stacked by our in-house chefs!

You will witness for the first time a huge variety of cold cuts like never before. Our chefs are obsessed with crafting cold cuts, from cured meat to sausages to meat loaves. And each one of them melts in the mouth like soft tissue.

Delicious whether eaten alone or paired

For the love of cheese

With all that finger-licking stuff, how can we not add cheese platters to the list? Because at Chez Papa, we take our cheese platters very seriously! We give our customers an experience full of flavors and textures. You will enjoy a mixture of soft & firm, creamy & crumbly cheese with loads of fruits, nuts, and crackers.

Chez Papa is also known for its value-for-money wines complementing the flavorful mini dishes on the side.

Want to indulge yourself with the flavors that remind you of home?

We are glad to make a reservation for you! To book a table, click here.

Wondering what’s on our menu? Click here.

We are glad to make a reservation for you!

Indulge yourself in the flavors that remind you of home.